TOMATOES:  This year’s crop includes delicious chocolate, yellow and sweet cherry tomatoes organically grown from seed.  Available in pint-size containers starting in June.  Orders are delivered personally to West Roxbury residents.

All seeds are non-GMO and purchased from Seeds N’ Such, Gurney’s Seed & Nursery Co., Burpee, and Johnny’s Selected Seeds.  All plants are grown without using pesticides.


Bunches of FRESH FLOWERS for your home or business!  Perfect for entrance tables, office desks, waiting rooms, lobbies and dining areas.  Cut flowers (cosmos, daisies and wildflowers) are available in singles, bunches or in small vases.  Orders are delivered personally to West Roxbury residents.  All flowers are grown from seed without the use of pesticides!  Available in June/July.

Contact Chris;  cell: 508-527-1767, email: